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At a glance

Mission Statement

It is our mission to mobilize the generosity of donors and power of volunteers in support of Kahrizak Charity Foundation in Iran

Our Goals

To raise public awareness about the work of Kahrizak Charity Foundation in Iran and its unique approach to caring for the elderly, disabled and MS …

About Kahrizak Canada

In 1995, a small group of volunteers in Toronto, with a strong belief in and commitment to the principles that guide the work of Kahrizak Charity Foundation in Iran …

Kahrizak in Iran

Kahrizak Charity Foundation in Iran is a private, non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization where physically handicapped, elderly and MS patients with limited or no family and/or financial support are cared for free of charge…

Colourful Donation Box:


This is a Kahrizak Foundation of Canada “Money Box”. The money raised through these boxes will be used for care of the elderly, disabled and specially MS patients at Kahrizak Charity Foundation’s facility in Iran.

Kahrizak Foundation of Canada is inviting you to participate in its Coloured Money Box Fundraising Campaign as follows:

  • Contact us directly and you will be received a “Money Box” package
  • Fold the “Money Box” as shown in the diagram.
  • Create a virtual “Money Box”using the the button underneath.
  • Enter the amount you put in your actual “Money Box” into your virtual “Money Box” as well. The virtual “Money Box” will change colour as the amount increases.
  • Bring your actual “Money Box” to Kahrizak Foundation of Canada’s booth during TIRGAN Festival from August 20 to 23, 2015 at Harbourfront Centre and receive a special gift commemorating the Coloured Money Box Fundraising Campaign.
Donation Box